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Post High School Outreach

The goal of the Post High School Outreach Program (age 18-25) is to ensure our graduates to always feel connected to the Jewish Youth Network. In their early adult years, the Jewish Youth Network will serve as an outlet to stay in touch with friends, share about their experiences post-high school, provide networking opportunities, and have a community back home that is invested in their future!


Our outreach takes many forms. It includes but is not limited to, care packages throughout the year, social gatherings during Winter and Spring Break, networking opportunities, and more! To get involved add your name and information to our database.

All we need to involve your young adult is for you or your Child to complete our information form.

This will be the address used to receive care packages throughout the year. 
We are always open to feedback to ensure we are properly addressing the needs of our High School Graduates!


Wed, July 24 2024 18 Tammuz 5784