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Welcome to Hamakom 


HAMAKOM means "The Place” and derives from Jacob's dream of seeing a ladder to Heaven and declaring “Surely God was in this place (“hamakom”) and I did not know it." 


The word “HAMAKOM” represents the understanding that a spiritual life begins with a sense of awe for all creation, and a willingness to find the extraordinary within the ordinary in order to feel connected to something greater than oneself. 


The Place for joyous celebration of Jewish life. 

The Place for meaningful conversations.

The Place for finding comfort. 

The Place for celebrating the blessings of life.

The Place to share multi-generational experiences.

The Place for joyous prayer and singing.

The Place for lifelong learning.

The Place to create lifelong friendships. 

The Place to find your higher self.


And most importantly, The Place For You.  HAMAKOM.

Wed, July 24 2024 18 Tammuz 5784